CALIBAN: Επιστρέφουν με ολοκαίνουριο video single 

2 χρόνια μετά το album “Dystopia”, οι Caliban επιστρέφουν με ένα νέο single, όπως και με τον Iain Dunca στη θέση του μπασίστα.

Τίτλος του νέου κομματιού είναι “I Was a Happy Kid Once” κι αποτελεί προπομπό του επερχόμενου album τους, το οποίο αναμένεται το 2025 μέσω της Century Media Records.

Δείτε το official video για το single παρακάτω:

All my hope is dead
I tried to see it all but all I see is red
Fuck what I said
My mind played tricks to prove me wrong
Set me free
Cause I am lost in the trenches
Cause this pain is endless
And now I‘m reaching out to you

So who can come and can save me now
Standing on the edge now
Standing on the edge
So who can drag me out
Cause I’m standing on the edge now
Standing on the edge
barrel to my head
my finger cannot wait to pull the fucking trigger
But I am holding back for now
As I try to remember
I was a happy kid/ once!
With a heart of gold
Now stare into the abyss
it stares back to me with a glaze so cold
Darkness has a claim on me
A night in december
When it made me bleed black
I had to surrender

Cause my life is a living hell
And I‘m looking down that fucking cliff right now
whish I could say something different
But I see no way out
Cause I‘d die for something real
But I cannot feel reality
Make me feel
Save me from myself!

Take me
Help me
Save me
Save me from Myself

CALIBAN left to right:
Iain Duncan – bass, vocals
Patrick Grün – drums
Andreas Dörner – vocals
Marc Görtz – guitar
Denis Schmidt – guitar

CALIBAN online: