TOP 20 2014 (editors' choice)

Οι επιλογές των συντακτών του για τα καλύτερα album του 2014


01.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
02.MESSENGER: “Illusory Blues”
03.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round the Sun”
04.SEPTIC FLESH: “Titan”
05.CROWBAR: “Symmetry In Black”
06.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
07.THE TEA PARTY: “The Ocean at the End”
08.KILLER BE KILLED: “Killer Be Killed”
09.BONGRIPPER: “Miserable”
10.OBAKE: “Mutation”
11.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
12.EDEN CIRCUS: “Marula”
13.SLIPKNOT: “5:The Gray Chapter”
14.ADRENALINE MOB: “Men of Honor”
16.PALEFEATHER: “Palefeather”
17.RIOT: “Unleash the Fire”
18.I AM HERESY: “Thy Will”
19.EVERGREY: “Hymns for the Broken”
20.JUDAS PRIEST: “Redeemer of Souls”

Γεγονός της χρονίας: Υπάρχει ακόμη κόσμος που ψηφίζει Σαμαρά
Η απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: EDGUY: “Space Police- Defenders of the Crown”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: MESSENGER: “Somniloquist”, KILLER BE KILLED: “Wings of Feaher and Wax”, MASTODON: “The Motherload”


01.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
02.CROWBAR: “Symmetry In Black”
03.MASTODON: “Once More ’round the sun”
04.SWANS: “To Be Kind”
05.WOVENHAND: “Refractory Obdurate”
06.GRAVIATORS: “Motherload”
07.SLIPKNOT: “5:The Gray Chapter”
08.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
09.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
10.AGALLOCH: “The Serpent & the Sphere”
11.SEVEN THAT SPELLS: “The Death and Ressurection of Krautrock: IO”
12.KILLER BE KILLED: “Killer Be Killed”
13.MUSTASCH: “Thank you for the Demon”
14.AENAON: “Extance”
15.THE WISDOOM: “Hypothalamus”
16.TODAY IS THE DAY: “Animal Mother”
17.OBAKE: “Mutations”
18.CURIMUS: “Artificial Revolution”
19.COLDWAR: “Pantheist”
20.MANTAR: “Death By Burning”

Γεγονός της Χρονιάς: Ιπτάμενοι Αναρχικοί
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: BLACK KEYS: “Turn Blue”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: WOVENHAND: “The Refractory”, PERIPHERY: “Alpha”, MASTODON: “The Motherload”


01.LORD MANTIS:  “Death Mask”
02.CARDINAL WYRM: “Black Hole Gods”
04.SABBATH ASSEMBLY: “Quaternity”
05.CODE ORANGE: “I Am King”
06.THE DEATHTRIP: “Deep Drone Master”
07.PROTESTANT: “In Thy Name”
08.BLUT AUS NORD: “Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry”
09.NOD NOD: “Nod Nod”
10.BOTANIST: “VI: Flora”
11.ANOPHELI: “A Hunger Rarely Sated”
12.ELECTRIC WIZARD: “Time to Die”
13.DISEMBALLERINA: “Undertaker”
14.EYEHATEGOD: “Eyehategod”
15.BANDAGE: “North by Northeast”
16.STENCH: “Venture”
17:HIEROPHANT: “Peste”
19:GODFLESH: “A World Lit Only by Fire”
20:TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Τίποτα, όλα βαίνουν βάση σχεδίου, μουάχαχαχα.
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: MAYHEM: “Esoteric Warfare”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE: “Nou Mon”, LIFEWRECK: “Shaping the End”, LORD MANTIS: “Possession Prayer” 


01.THE TWILIGHT SAD: “Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave”
02.KATAXNIA: “Kataxnia”
03.LA DISPUTE: “Rooms of the House”
04.DEATH OF LOVERS: “Buried Under A World Of Roses”
05.SABBATH ASSEMBLY: “Quaternity”
06.CODE ORANGE: “I Am King”
07.CALF: “Bastards Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy”
09.HAVE A NICE LIFE: “The Unnatural World”
10.EYEHATEGOD: “Eyehategod”
11.AGALLOCH: “The Serpent & The Sphere”
12.EMPYRIUM: “The Turn of the Tides”
13.SHATTERED HOPE: “Waters Of Lethe”
14.ROME: “A Passage To Rhodesia”
15.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round The Sun”
16.I RON REAGAN: “The Tyranny Of Will”
17.BAPTISTS: “Bloodmines”
18.SLEEPMAKESWAVES: “Love Of Cartography”
19.THIS WILL DESTROY YOU: “Another Language”
20.MAYBESHEWILL: “Fair Youth”
Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Κανένα.
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: LANTLOS: “Melting Sun”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: KATAXNIA: “Επικίνδυνοι Φίλοι”


01.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
02.INSOMNIUM: “Shadows Of The Dying Sun”
03.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
04.RIOT V: “Unleash the Fire”
05.AGALLOCH: “The Serpent & The Sphere”
06.BLACK TRIP: “Goin’ Under”
07.DARKEST HOUR: “Darkest Hour”
08.IN FLAMES: “Siren Charms”
09.IDEOGRAM: “Life Mimics Theatre”
10.THE HAUNTED: “Exit Wounds”
11.MORS PRINCIPIUM EST: “Dawn of the 5th Era”
12.PSYCRENCE: “A Frail Deception”
13.ALTERNATIVE 4: “The Obscurants”
15.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
16.ELVENKING: “The Pagan Manifesto”
17.BLUES PILLS: “Blues Pills”
18.ENEMY OF REALITY: “Rejected Gods”
19.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round The Sun”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Η γέννηση του ανηψιού μου και μελλοντικού σας Πλανητάρχη (ξεκινήσαμε ήδη προπονήσεις) Λάζαρου.
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: Τα ίδια… την ψήνω, της μιλάω ρομαντικά, αλλάζω κάλτσες και βρακί κάθε Σαββάτο, έκοψα το jerking και τον παστουρμά (αυτό είναι ψέμα, ο παστουρμάς δεν κόβεται), αλλά ακόμη δε λέει να πέσει το μανάρι μου. Σκέτη απελπισία. Α ναι, κι αυτό: CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: “Pandemonium”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: INSOMNIUM: “Revelation”, EVENKING: “King of the Elves”, BLACK TRIP: “Thirst”


01.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
02.RIOT: “Unleash the Fire”
03.MORS PRINCIPIUM EST: “Dawn Of The 5th Era”
04.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
05.SAVAGE WIZDOM: “A new Beginning”
06.GORMATHON: “Following the Beast”
07.ICED EARTH: “Plagues of Babylon”
08.VARATHRON: “Untrodden Corridors of Hades”
09.TEN: “Albion”
10.CANNIBAL CORPSE: “A Skeletal Domain”
11.AIR RAID: “Point Of Impact”
12.AT THE GATES: “At War with Reality”
13.STALLION: “Rise and Ride”
14.AENAON: “Extance”
15.AMBUSH: “Firestorm”
17.SANCTUARY: “The Year the Sun Died”
18.BLUES PILLS: “Blues Pills”
19.JUDAS PRIEST: “Redeemer of Souls”
20.INSOMNIUM: “Shadows of the Dying Sun”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Η ανάδυση του ISIS
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: CYNIC: “Kindly Bent to Free Us”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: RIOT: “Ride Hard Live Free”, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST: “I Am War”, VARATHRON: “Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon”


01.GOAT: “Commune”
02.CROWBAR: “Symmetry in Black”
03.GRAND MAGUS: “Triumph and Power”
04.PINK FLOYD: “The Endless River”
05.NEED: “Orvam: A Song for Home”
06.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round the Sun”
07.EVERGREY: “Hymns for the Broken”
08.PALLBEARER: “Foundations of Burden”
09.PORTRAIT: “Crossroads”
10.DEAD CONGREGATION: “Promulgation of the Fall”
11.SLOUGH FEG: “Digital Resistance”
12.SIGIRIYA: “Darkness Died Today”
13.AENAON: “Extance”
16.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
17.YOB: “Clearing the Path to Ascend”
18.ORANGE GOBLIN: “Back From the Abyss”
19.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
20.SANCTUARY: “The Year the Sun Died”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Νέος δίσκος Pink Floyd.
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: Η αυτοκτονία του Robin Williams
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: GOAT: “To Travel the Path Unknown”, GRAND MAGUS: “The Hammer Will Bite”, NEED: “Entheogen”


01.BLACKFINGER: “Blackfinger”
02.SOLSTAFIR: “Otta”
03.CASUALTIES OF COOL: “Casualties Of Cool”
04.SWANS: “To Be Kind”
05.IMMENSITY: “The Isolation Splendour”
06.PINK FLOYD: “The Endless River”
07.WHILE HEAVEN WEPT: “Suspended At Aphelion”
08.DAVID MINASIAN: “Random Acts Of Beauty”
09.ROME: “Flowers From Exile”
10.MARK LANEGAN: “Phantom Radio”
11.EMPYRIUM: “The Turn Of The Tides”
12.AGALLOCH: “The Serpent & The Sphere”
13.CRUACHAN: “Blood For The Blood God”
14.LISA GARRARD: “Twilight Kingdom”
15.KIKAGAKU MOYO: “Forest Of Lost Children”
16.THE TEA PARTY: “The Ocean At The End”
17.SIVERT HOYEM: “Endless Love”
18.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater men Have Fallen”
19.LEONARD COHEN: “Popular Problems”
20.ROBERT PLANT: “Lullaby And The Ceaseless Roar”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Δυσάρεστο αλλά γεγονός και μάλιστα θλιβερό το ότι και φέτος χάσαμε μεγάλο αριθμό εξαίσιων καλλιτεχνών όπως: Paco De Lucia, Jason Mc Cash, Jonny Winter, Tommy Ramone, Robert Throb Young, Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, Jack Bruce, Ian Mc Lagan, Joe Cocker.
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”, ουφφφφφφφ, λιγάκι “too much” και χιλιοακουσμένοι ήχοι. Από αυτούς έχω καλύτερες εντυπώσεις από το παρελθόν τους.
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: ROBERT PLANT: “Up On The Hollow Hill”, THE TEA PARTY: “The Ocean At The End”, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: “No!”


01.THE BLACK KEYS: “Turn Blue”
02.OPETH: “Pale Communion”
03.BROKEN BELLS: “After the Disco”
04.CYNIC: “Kindly Bend to Free Us”
05.SLIPKNOT: “5: The Gray Chapter”
07.KASABIAN: “48:13”
08.EPICA: “The Quantum Enigma”
09.BEHEMOTH: “The Satanist”
10.MORRISSEY: “World Peace is none of your Business”
11.SEPTIC FLESH: “Titan”
12.THE SCRIPT: “No Sound Without Silence”
13.PINK FLOYD: “The Endless River”
14.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
15.MASTODON: “Once More Round the Sun”
16.COLDPLAY: “Ghost Stories”
17.FOSTER THE PEOPLE: “Supermodel”
18.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
19.AC/DC: “Rock or Bust”
20.JAMES: “La Petite Mort”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Fifa World Cup
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: THEORY OF A DEADMAN: “Savages”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: FALL OUT BOY: “Centuries”, KASABIAN: “Stevie”, LANA DEL REY: “Black Beauty”


01.VIOLENT SOHO: “Hungry Ghost”
02.BANDAGE: “North by Northeast”
03.ISLANDER: “Violence and Destruction”
04.CROSSES: “Crosses”
05.THE SECT: “Shake the Curse”
06.CASUALTIES OF COOL: “Casualties of Cool”
07.THE TEA PARTY: “The Ocean at the End”
08.WE ARE WAVES: “Labile”
10.10 TO GO: “All in Something Failed”
11.ALLOCHIRIA: “Omonoia”
12.CODE ORANGE: “I am King”
15.UNEARTH: “Watchers of Rule”
16.GODFLESH: “A World Lit Only By Fire”
17.LADDER DEVILS: “Clean Hands”
18.SICK OF IT ALL: “Last Act of Defiance”
19.BODY COUNT: “Manslaughter”
20.FOO FIGHTERS: “Sonic Highways”

Γεγονός της Χρονιάς: Helmet, ΑN Club, 27/10/2014
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: FOO FIGHTERS: “Sonic Highways”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: VIOLENT SOHO: “Covered in Chrome”, ISLANDER: “Coconut Dracula”, BANDAGE: “He’s Like me”


01.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
02.MASTODON: “One More Round The Sun”
03.IN FLAMES: “Siren Charms”
04.GRAND MAGUS: “Triumph & Power”
05.EVERGREY: “Hymns For The Broken”
06.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
07.ACCEPT: “Blind Rage”
08.PINK FLOYD: “Τhe Endless River”
09.H.E.A.T.: “Tearin Down The Walls”
10.CRAZY LIXX: “Crazy Lixx”
11.JOHN GARCIA: “John Garcia”
12.ACE FREHLEY: “Space Invader”
13.KISSIN DYNAMITE: “Megalomania”
14.ADRENALINE RUSH: “Adrenaline Rush”
15.JUDAS PRIEST: “Redeemer Of Souls”
16.SLIPKNOT: “5: The Gray Chapter”
17.SIX A.M.: “Modern Vintage”
18.FAITHSEDGE: “Answer To Insanity”
19.FOO FIGHTERS: “Sonic Highways”
20.THE BUTCHER BABIES: “Uncovered”

Γεγονός της Χρονιάς: Η πρώτη μη επανδρομένη αποστολή διαστημικού σκάφους στον κομήτη Τσουριούμοφ
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM: “Get Hurt”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: MACHINE HEAD: “Killers & Kings”, MASTODON: “The Motherload”, ADRENALLINE RUSH: “Change”


01.EVERY TIME I DIE: “From Parts Unknown”
02.BAPTISTS: “Bloodmines”
03.GODFLESH: “A World Lit Only By Fire”
04.INDIAN: “From All Purity”
05.INTER ARMA: “The Cavern”
06.OLD MAN GLOOM: “The Ape Of God”
07.EYEHATEGOD: “Eyehategod”
08.TOMBS: “Savage Gold”
09.BEHEMOTH: “The Satanist”
11.NUX VOMICA: “Nux Vomica”
12.MAYHEM: “Esoteric Warfare”
13.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
14.OPETH: “Pale Comminion”
15.MISERY INDEX: “The Killing Gods”
16.MASTODON: “Once More Round The Sun”
17.CODE ORANGE: “I Am King”
18.EARTH: “Primitive and Deadly”
19.YOB: “Clearing The Path To Ascend”
20.DEPHOSPHOROUS: “Ravenous Solemnity”

Γεγονός Της Χρονιάς: Ο νέος δίσκος των Pink Floyd (μουσικό), Η άνοδος του ISIS (γενικά)
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: ARCH ENEMY: “War Eternal”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: EVERY TIME I DIE: “Decaying With The Boys”, BEHEMOTH: “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, MASTODON: “The Motherload”


01.SEVEN: “7”
02.ELDRITCH: “Tasting The Tears”
03.EVERGREY: “Hymns For The Broken”
04.GAZPACHO: “Demon”
05.ZENTRAEDI: “Seven Medley Sins”
06.THRESHOLD: “For The Journey”
07.NEED: “Orvam – A Song For Home”
08.SEPTIC FLESH: “Titan”
09.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
10.SANCTUARY: “The Year The Sun Died”
12.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round The Sun”
14.WEB: “For Bidens”
15.LEVIATHAN: “Beholden To Nothing, Braver Since Then”
16.SEVEN IMPALE: “City Of The Sun”
17.MY BROTHER THE WIND: “Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One”
18.VANDEN PLAS: “Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld (Path 1) ”
19.RIOT: “Unleash The Fire”
20.PSYCRENCE: “A Frail Deception”

Γεγονός Της Χρονιάς: H ανακάλυψη του Βασιλικού τάφου στην Μακεδονία
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: H σύνθεση του καλοκαιρινού Τsifteteli-wave που άφησε μαλάκες μέχρι και τα δέντρα από το δάσος της Μαλακάσας
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: MAGISTER TEMPLI: “Nyarlathotep”, MENACE: “Confessor”, JUDAS PRIEST: “Halls Of Valhalla”


01.SOLSTAFIR: “Otta”
02.BEHEMOTH: “The Satanist”
03.VOODOO GODS: “Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness”
04.DARK FORTRESS: “Venereal Dawn”
05.DEAD CONGREGATION: “Promulgation of the Fall”
06.ACEPTIC GOITRE: “The Graduation Frenzy”
07.MASS INFECTION: “For I Am Genocide”
08.ELUVEITIE: “Origins”
09.DEN SAAKALDTE: “Faen I Helvete”
10.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
11.AMPUTATED: “Dissect, Molest, Ingest”
12.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds”
13.SINISTER: “The Post-Apocalyptic Servant”
14.BENIGHTED: “Carnivore Sublime”
15.OPETH: “Pale Communion”
16.MISERY INDEX: “The Killing Gods”
17.ABYSMAL DAWN: “Obsolescence”
18.DECAPITATED CHRIST: “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies”
19.ABORTED: “The Necrotic Manifesto”
20.LEGION OF THE DAMNED: “Ravenous Plague”

Γεγονός της Χρονιάς: Ο αγώνας ενός ανθρώπου που πάλεψε με τα θηρία και βγήκε νικητής υπερασπιζόμενος τα δικαιώματα του καθώς και μιας ολόκληρης κοινωνίας
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: ICED EARTH: “Plagues of Babylon”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: BENIGHTED: “Experience Your Flesh”, ACRANIA: “Disillusion in a Discordant System”, MASTODON: “The Motherload”


01.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
02.BEHEMOTH: “The Satanist”
03.SANCTUARY: “The Year the Sun Died”
04.AT THE GATES: “At War with Reality”
05.SLIPKNOT: “5: The Gray Chapter”
06.JUDAS PRIEST: “Redeemer of Souls”
07.SEPTIC FLESH: “Titan”
08.VALLENFYRE: “Splinters”
09.OVERKILL: “White Devil Armory”
10.GRAND MAGUS: “Triumph and Power”
11.SUICIDAL ANGELS: “Divide and Conquer”
12.EVERGREY: “Hymns for the Broken”
13.SABATON: “Heroes”
14.UNEARTH: “Watchers of Rule”
15.BLACK LABEL SOCIETY: “Catacombs of the Black Vatican”
16.ELUVEITIE: “Origins”
17.OPETH: “Pale Communion”
18.EXODUS: “Blood In, Blood Out”
19.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone & Diamonds:
20.EQUILIBRIUM: “Erdentempel”

Γεγονός της Χρονιάς:
Απογοήτευση της Χρονιάς: Rockwave 2014
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: SANCTUARY: “Frozen”, EDGUY: “Rock Me Amadeus”


01.RIOT: “Unleash the Fire”
02.HITTEN: “First strike with devil”
03.ACCEPT: “Blind Rage”
04.AIR RAID: “Point of Impact”
05.GRAVE DIGGER: “Return of the Ripper”
06.JUDAS PRIEST: “Reedemer of Souls”
07.TANKARD: “R.I.B.”
08.AMULET: “The First”
09.CONVENT GUILT: “Guns for hire”
10.BLACK MAGIC: “Wizzard’s Spell”
11.SAVAGE MASTER: “Mask of the Devil”
12.SKULL FIST: “Chasing the Dream”
13.PORTRAIT: “Crossroads”
14.FADOM: “Pantophobia”
15.CHRONOSPHERE: “Embracing Oblivion”
16.VANDERBUYST: “At the crack of dawn”
17.HIGH SPIRITS: “You are here”
18.BATTLEROAR: “Blood of Legends”
19.CLOVEN HOOF: “Resist or Serve”
20.SARACEN: “Redemption”

Γεγονός της χρονίας: Ο πόλεμος που έχει ξεσπάσει στη Γάζα
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: THE HAUNTED: “Exit Wounds”
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: HITTEN: “Lady Killer”, CONVENT GUILT: “Angels in black leather”, FADOM: “Heavenfall”


01.SOLSTAFIR: “Otta”
02.SWANS: “To Be Kind”
03.WOVENHAND: “Refractory Obdurate”
04.LOLA COLT: “Away From The Water”
05.EARTH: “Primitive And Deadly”
06.ROME: “A Passage To Rhodesia”
07.HORROR VACUI: “Return of the Empire”
08.ICEAGE: “Plowing Into The Field”
09.CULT OF YOUTH: “Final Days”
10.AFGHAN WHIGS: “Do The Beast”
11.ROYAL BLOOD: “Royal Blood”
12.EAGULLS: “Eagulls””
13.THURSTON MOORE: “The Best Day”
14.THE SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA: “Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything”
15.WHITE LUNG: “Deep Fantasy”
16.PERFECT PUSSY: “Say Yes to Love”
17.HAVE A NICE LIFE: “The Unnatural World” 
19.ELECTRIC LITANY: “Enduring Days You Will Overcome”
20.PLANET OF ZEUS: “Vigilante”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: “20000 days on Earth”
Απογοήτευση της χρονιάς: που ήμουν Σαλονίκη στο 0-3
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν:


01.BEHEMOTH: “The Satanist”
02.MACHINE HEAD: “Bloodstone and Diamonds”
03.OPETH: “Pale Communion”
04.AT THE GATES: “At War With Reality”
05.TRIPTYKON: “Melana Chasmata”
06.SLIPKNOT: “.5: The Grey Chapter”
07.MASTODON: “Once More ‘Round The Sun”
08.AGALLOCH: “The Serpent & The Sphere”
09.CYNIC: “Kindly Bend to Free Us”
10.YOB: “Clearing the Path to Ascend”
11.CROSSES: “Crosses”
12.JUDAS PRIEST: “Redeemer of Souls”
13.SUICIDE SILENCE: “You Can’t Stop Me”
14.ELECTRIC WIZARD: “Time to Die”
15.PINK FLOYD: “The Endless River”
16.SEPTIC FLESH: “Titan”
17.SUICIDAL ANGELS: “Divide and Conquer”
18.PRIMORDIAL: “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”
19.INSOMNIUM: “Shadows of the Dying Sun”
20.LUNATIC SOUL: “Walking on a Flashlight Beam”

Γεγονός της χρονιάς: Clutch οι ενιαύσιοι. Οι επισκέψεις τους τείνουν να γίνουν θεσμός, με την ίδια επιτυχία κάθε χρόνο.
Aπογοήτευση της χρονιάς: PAIN OF SALVATION: “Falling Home”. Αγαπώ την μπάντα, αγαπώ τη διάθεση για πειραματισμούς των, όπως με τα δύο προηγούμενα Road Salt 1 & 2, αλλά για να είμαι ακριβοδίκαιη, θεωρώ πως δεν άξιζε τον κόπο.
Τραγούδια που μου κόλλησαν: BEHEMOTH: Βlow Your Trumpets Gabriel

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