CLUTCH: Μεταφέρονται οι ημερονηνίες των επί ελληνικού εδάφους συναυλιών


Λόγω απροσδόκητου οικογενειακού προβλήματος, οι Clutch αναγκάστηκαν να αλλάξουν το πρόγραμμα της τρέχουσας Ευρωπαϊκής περιοδείας τους. Οι ημερομηνίες από 20/6 έως και 2/7 ακυρώθηκαν ή προγραμματίστηκαν σε νέες ημερομηνίες.

Η αλλαγή επηρεάζει και τις ελληνικές συναυλίες, οι οποίες αλλάζουν ημερομηνίες: πλέον η συναυλία της Θεσσαλονίκης θα γίνει στις 13 Ιουλίου και της Αθήνας στις 14 Ιουλίου. Οι χώροι διεξαγωγής παραμένουν οι ίδιοι.

Τα ήδη πωληθέντα εισιτήρια ισχύουν κανονικά, ενώ συνεχίζεται η προπώληση στα γνωστά σημεία προπώλησης.

Ακολουθεί η ανακοίνωση των Clutch:
Due to an unexpected family emergency Clutch have made changes to their current European tour schedule. The dates from June 20th thru July 2nd have either been cancelled or rescheduled.

All dates originally scheduled from July 4th in Sweden thru July 11th in the UK are unaffected and are still confirmed and scheduled as planned. A complete listing of cancellations and the rescheduled dates as well as a new, updated and confirmed itinerary is as follows:


June 20th- Earthshakerdays @ Volkhaus / Zurich, Switzerland – CANCELLED
June 21st- Schmitten Openair Fest / Schmitten, Switzerland – CANCELLED
June 22nd- Les Anciens Abattois / Cognac, France – CANCELLED
June 23rd- Hellfest / Clisson, France – CANCELLED
June 26th- Principal Club Theater / Thessaloniki, Greece – RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 13TH
June 27th- Gazi Music Hall / Athens, Greece – RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 14TH
June 29th- Tower / Bremen, Germany – RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 5TH
June 30th- Graspop Metal Meeting / Dessel, Belgium – CANCELLED
July 1st- Burgerweeshuis / Deventer, Netherlands – CANCELLED
July 2nd- Effenaar / Eindhoven, Netherlands – CANCELLED


July 4th- Metaltown Fest / Goteborg, Sweden – CONFIRMED
July 5th- Tower / Bremen, Germany – CONFIRMED
July 6th- Vainstream Rockfest / Munster, Germany – CONFIRMED
July 7th- Kulturfabrik / Luxembourg, Luxembourg – CONFIRMED
July 8th- Waterfront / Norwich, UK – CONFIRMED
July 9th- Rock City / Nottingham, UK – CONFIRMED
July 10th- The Ritz / Manchester, UK – CONFIRMED
July 11th- Forum / London, UK – CONFIRMED
July 13th- Principal Club Theater / Thessaloniki, Greece – CONFIRMED
July 14th- Gazi Music Hall / Athens, Greece- CONFIRMED