SLAP & PANIC FESTIVAL @ AN CLUB: Τα έσοδα θα διατεθούν στο Πρότυπο Εθ. Νηπιοτροφείο Καλλιθέας

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Grassroll / Delete the Mass / Ixpapalotl / Never Trust κ Blame Kandinsky


Slap & Panic Festival Promo Trailer

Πόρτες :19:00, Είσοδος:5 Ευρώ

Line up:
Grassroll / Ixpapalotl / Delete the mass / Abyssus / Never trust / Blame Kandinsky

Η μπάντα δημιουργήθηκε το 2009 , τα live ξεκίνησαν το 2011 και τα μέλη της δηλώνουν οπαδοί του ακραίου ήχου. Επίσης η Annie,o Tzo ,o The Kid και ο Βill γνωρίζουν Αγγλικά , Γαλλικά ,ρωσικά,ξέρουν μπαλέτο (όλοι),σταυροβελονιά και να ανοίγουν φύλλο.

The band was founded by Trollg and Kj in 2009. It consists of close friends who have also been playing music together in the past. On June 2009 we released a 3 track EP called “That of the Swamp” that was met very well by audience and critics alike. Since then , we have been composing material for our next release and performing on local live gigs.

Delete the mass:
Delete the mass is a grindcore / death metal band based in Athens, Greece. The band’s first steps are traced back in 2009 and after 3 years of rehearsing, songwriting and live performances with various local bands, the band released its first demo, containing 5 songs plus 2 additional live recordings. In the meantime, the band also shared the stage with acknowledged foreign names of the metal scene such as Shai Hulud and Kickback. The band’s music can be described as a mix of grindcore and death metal, influenced by the whole spectrum that was formed during all the years of the genre’s evolution. Generally, the band’s sound has been enriched with elements from all the extreme music genres, but without exceeding the death / grind limits mentioned above. The lyrics focus mainly on social issues, inspired from the latest Greek social and economic reality, as well as the global social crisis situation, either literally or through allegories. Additionally, the band also adds a healthy dose of humor to the overall lyrical concept. As of March 2013, the band is preparing its first full-length release, containing 15 tracks of furious death / grind. The album has initially been scheduled to be an independent release. Moreover, the band is currently composing and arranging ideas for a future DELETE THE MASS release. The new material, filled with even more death metal elements, is more extreme and aggressive than anything the band has released so far.

ABYSSUS were formed back to May of 2011 by Kostas Analytis (vocals/bass) and they have released their first self-financed E.P. “Monarch To The Kingdom Of The Dead” in 2012. The bands sound is influenced by bands-symbols of old-school death metal such as Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Death, Benediction ect. combined with Slayer-like riffing.

Never – trust is a Groove/Thrash/Hardcore band that was formed in 2010 by Vic(Guitars).Stas(Drums) and Manolo(Vox) soon joined the band and few months later Leo(Bass) came to complete the line up.From the beginning our common purpsose was to combine our favorite taste of violent music with groovy beats n’ tempos and develop our style. So far we have recorded “Bomb Da System” EP(December 2011) in MIH studios(Made In Hell) ,which gained pretty good attention and reviews from friends and all the people that support us! In 2012 John joined the family and became our new Vocalist.George also joined in the Bass guitar! Right now we are composing new material for our first full length album and we are looking forward to many gigs

Blame Kandinsky:
Οι Blame Kandinsky ξεκίνησαν τον Οκτώβριο του 2012 να τζαμάρουν σε ένα μικρό σκοτεινό υγρό υπόγειο στο Αιγάλεω και.. ΜΠΑΜ! Να το! Μας αρέσει το Χαρντκώρ, μας αρέσει και το Μαθκώρ! Ειμαστε 5 φλώροι and we do it the Elvis way! : -)